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When a person is charged with PC 187(A/664AF and PC 273.5F and PC 664/187F, what does it mean?

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What is the likelihood of the length of the trial, and can one say what kind of sentence this person will receive?

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It means the person is facing some very serious charges; it also means he should get an attorney, fast.

PC 187/664 is charged for attempted murder; PC 273.5 is charged in spousal battery cases.

There's no way of telling how long a trial would last. As far as the sentence, an attempted murder can get you a life sentence if it is shown that the attempted murder was wilfull, deliberate, and premediated. Otherwise, the defendant is looking at 5, 7, or nine years for the attempt alone.


No one can tell you at this stage what the sentence might be as there are two many variables. The spousal battery is charged as a felony and I suspect that is also the basis for the attempted murder charges. Neither can anyone predict the length of the trial. If you want a free consultation call me as I practice in the SF criminal court.


No attorney can answers those questions absent intimacy with the file and what is your representation situation? Get counsel.