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When a DA makes a false statement in opening of a death penalty case and it is proven false in the transcript what recourse

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As soon as the DA public statement to press that was proven false in court the judge put every under a gag order then opening she lied to the jury what can be done to this type of conduct

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Not enough facts to provide an answer. Anything further would be speculation. A gag order general affects statements made outside of court. I don't know if the statement were prejudicial, if the defense attorney objected, if the judge made a previous ruling on the statement.

Assuming the absolute worst conduct then it may be possible for the case to go up on appeal.

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Really this is a tactical question for the attorney in the case. There may be several avenues of recourse, depending on the statement, but that's a strategy decision for the attorney.

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This is a question for the state bar association. I can tell you, however, that as a defense lawyer, when the DA makes statements in their opening (whick is NOT evidence) that they can't prove, I get to rub their faces in it when I do my closing. Openings are nothing but a road-map, and lawyers have a pretty broad scope of what can be said.

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