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When a case is being reviewed what does that mean?

Atlanta, GA |

my brother's parole date is Jan. 2010. he was in a transitional center and moved back to a prison yesterday. He was told his case is being reviewed, What does that mean?

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The parole board collects information about an inmate and then makes a determination about parole based upon that information. A parole board review is the process by which the board looks at all of the information they have about an inmate (literally , "reviewing" the information). Once the board has reviewed the inmate's file, it will make a decision regarding parole. Although the board may set a "tentative" parole date early in an inmate's sentence, the board can and often does look at the information before making a final decision to grant parole. Recently, I've been told that the board is behind in its reviews and I have had several clients who were released later than the tentative parole date. I hope that the board gets to you brother's case quickly as I'm sure he was looking forward to being released this month.