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Whats the worse outcome of public urnating

Roanoke, VA |

it was night have a problem holding my pee at times .the unmarked car pulled up after i had finish

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Normally in Roanoke this would be a case that results in a fine only unless this may have been a subsequent offense. It would be a case that could result in a jail sentence if there were aggravating circumstances. We are happy to discuss the case with you at no charge. We are often in Roanoke City Court. for cases.


It depends with which code section/ordinance you are charged. Some offenses may range from a simple fine only offense to a Class One Misdemeanor with up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. Some jurisdictions may charge you with Disorderly Conduct which exceeds the specter of a simple Urinating in Public. You should consult with local counsel to learn of options.