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Whats the sentence for attempt unarmed robbery with no priors?

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My boyfriend is in custody for attempted car jack and attempt robbery , they dropped the gun charge and at his next court date they're dropping the attempt car jack. he did not actually do the crime and the person already admitted to committing to the crime . although if my boyfriend gets convicted of attempt unarmed robbery whats the sentence? ,is he eligible for probation?

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For 2nd degree attempted robbery with no firearm involved it is 1/2 of 2, 3 or 5 years in SP. Probation is possible.

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He is looking at 2-5 years in state prison. Probation is possible.



See Penal code 664. But think that probation though potentially possible is very unlikely w/o agreement with DA and court

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I agree with my colleagues and I will only add that whether probation is granted or not might turn on the probation department's recommendation.

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