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Whats the difference between possession and attempted possession of a fictious id

West Jordan, UT |

so my lawyer changed the wording from possession to attempted possession of a fake id, what difference does that make? for example if i were to fill out a job resume, and they ask me if ive been convicted of a dishonest act, do i say yes or no ? or is the wording irrelevant

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The difference is the degree of crime. I don't know all the circumstances of your case. If you're convicted of a second-degree felony, then the crime would've been reduced to a third-degree felony. If you were convicted of a third-degree felony, the crime would've been reduced to a class a misdemeanor. That is the benefit of an attempted designation. It reduces the crime one step.


The main difference is what the attorney above explained. In reference to the job application, truth is usually a safe bet. However, if the truth hurts you, you may want to consult an attorney before answering the question. The way the question is worded can make a world of difference in how you answer the question. For example, some questions ask specifically for felonies, as opposed to misdemeanors. And some questions ask if it was a crime that you got jail time for. So it really depends..


Changing the charge to an "attempt" should also reduce the time it takes for expungement.