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Whats the chances of someone getting off a murder charge?

Santa Ana, CA |

there is no evidence but he is placed at the scence due to admitting he was there but not the shooter so far no evidece is there its just people pointing fingers

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Does not sound like anyone is charged yet? Is he in custody? These charges are VERY serious and someone could point the finger at him.. Do NOT talk about facts or anything else here. Have him speak to an attorney immediately!!



i feel as if he said to much when they arressted him 3 were arrested because one died and the other one was seriously injured how much time is he looking at i just want a serious answer


He shoudln't have been talking to the police at all,much less admitting he was at the scene. He needs an attorney but even with one he must learn to keep his mouth shut. No way to estimate his chances.


There appears to be more facts than this and it's quite possible that you were not there so the facts your know are those that were selected for you to know. Murder is a very serious charge in the OC. I know because I have handled several murder trials in Santa Ana and currently in trial now on a murder matter. The chances improve the sooner an attorney is retained. Many attorneys offer a free consultation. I recommend that one be contacted soon.

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Admitting that he was there is not enough by itself to convict him. A person cannot be convicted by their statement alone, but there must be corroborating evidence. If the statement was made while the person was in custody, the jury is instructed to view the statement with caution. In legal terms we say the DA has to prove "the corpus delecti". However, the corroborating evidence need only be slight for a conviction. This person needs to say nothing else and get a lawyer as soon as possible.

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Based in just the very little information you posted, there is no way for anyone to guess at the outcome of the case. You say somebody is pointing fingers. . . . And saying what?!? What other evidence is there? What else did they say? What are the exact charges? Are they charging this as a gang crime?

There are just too many questions to accurately assess your friend's situation. Bottom line? He needs the best attorney he can get.

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