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Whats the ball park figure and employee can be rewarded from a racial harassment racial slurs lawsuite

Philadelphia, PA |
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Damages available by law under Pennsylvania and Federal employment discrimination laws provide for: (1) back pay (that is, the amount of earnings lost due to discrimination; (2) front pay (the amount of earnings lost into the future for a specified period of time; (3) reinstatement; (4) costs of suit; (5) attorneys fees. Some laws also provide for "punitive damages" which are very rarely awarded. Also, some statutes provide for loosely defined "compensatory damages."

The claimant has an obligation to "mitigate" damages, that is, attempt to cover for the wages lost as a result of discrimination (i.e., you can't just sit at home on your hands and wait for the jury to come in).

Ballpark? Based upon what facts? What earnings history? How large an employer? Over what period of time? You question cannot be answered without any information.

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