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What would the punishment be for forging an unofficial transcript for a job application?

Chicago, IL |

non official document forged.
given for a job application.

i do not have the job yet.

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Obviously, you could lose the job at a minimum. But, by forged, do you mean that you may have written something up and put somebody else's signature on it? That could be punishable as a felony with potential prison time. It's tough to tell.

I suppose that the most direct answer would be that the punishment could be anything from losing the job to going to prison.



no ones name is on it, its a computer printed document that i altered a bit


What is the unofficial transcript?


Forgery is a class 2 felony. You can get probation or 3-7 years jail.

Every case varies depending on the law and the facts. Because questions often fail to disclose important facts, these 'answers' cannot and should not be relied upon as a replacement for a full or complete review of an actual case by a retained attorney. It is axiomatic that one only 'gets what they pay for', and this is one of those situations where such a phrase generally applies.


Forgery is actually a Class 3 felony, punishable by 2 to 5 years imprisonment or probation. Forging and "academic degree" is a Class A misdemenaor punishable anywhere from court supervision to a year in jail.