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What would most likely be my consequence of theft by shoplifting at a target,was not arrested but has a set court date?

Lawrenceville, GA |

18 yr old College student, who was influenced to shoplift for the first time with a Misdemeanor case of a value of 25$, target was also paid 500$ in order to drop the charges by parent. Should I mention this in court? Will they have knowledge of this? Also should I mention First Offenders Act in order to get it removed from my background even after taking full responsibilities & planning on pleading guilty? Also is it possible of a fine less than 250$,have no job. I wasn't banned either but this pathetic mistake in my life has me worried pls

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First and foremost, you need a lawyer to help you get through this. Second, before you go in there pleading guilty, you need to explore whether this court has a pre-trial diversion program that you might be eligible for. If so, you may be able to get the case dismissed and possibly the arrest expunged from your record.


You are charged with a crime of moral turpitude, and this is something future employers are going to look closely at. For that reason, you need an attorney. Target cannot tell the court what to do about the charges. If a parent paid "$500 in order to drop the charges," that is $500 you'll never see again. Once charges are pressed, via citation or arrest, it is now the government deciding whether to continue prosecution or not. Even if Target asks the prosecutor to dismiss, it doesn't mean the prosecutor will. Finally, don't waste First Offender on a misdemeanor, ever. You never know when you may be somewhere with folks who get you charged with a felony; once you use First Offender, you can never use it again. Get an attorney.

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Ben and Jessica are correct. It is important to take any criminal charge seriously. The decisions you make today are for life. Most of the decisions cannot be revisited later in life. Many courts have pre-trial diversion programs that can result in a dismissal if successfully completed. In addition, as in any criminal charge, you may have legal and procedural defenses to the charge. His an attorney immediately to protect your rights and your future.

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