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What would happen if a cop found that I had possession of alcohol but did not drink any while on the ARD program?

York, PA |

I am 21 and was at a bonfire with a couple of my friends and later our one friend showed up with two girls we didn't know. No one was drinking or doing anything and I had three old cans of beer that I gave to the two girls just to be nice and because I had no use for them since of being on probation. The two girls left shortly after and then a cop car showed up saying that he got a call in that people at the bonfire were doing illegal drugs which wasn't true at all. He got all of our names and saw I was in the ARD program and saw the three empty beer cans that the girls left and I told them it was mine but I did not drink.

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I do not see a violation of the ARD program unless the girls were underage and the police officer decides to charge you with corruption of minor. You need to be very careful while on probation.


Your post is a wonderful illustration of why citizens should not speak with police officers on their own. Do not post any further details on this public website or anywhere else on the Internet, including social media like Facebook. My Keller mentions one of the possible negative scenarios; there are others. You might want to prepare yourself in advance by speak PRIVATELY with qualified criminal defense counsel in your area. Otherwise it will be a waiting game to see what, if anything, comes of this incident. Good luck.


i heartily agree with my esteemed colleagues, Mr. Keller and Mr. Jones. You are wise to follow their advice. Good luck!


You could be in trouble independent of the ARD violation. If the police want to talk to you again, or if charges are filed against you, you need a criminal defense attorney.

This answer does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.


I agree with my colleagues, if the police contact you again do not speak to them without counsel, if no one contacts you consider yourself lucky.

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