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What would happen after house inspection from USCIS officer

Portland, OR |

the officer suspected our marriage was fraudulent after the interview. They asked more information to prove a bona fide marriage. we send more. Two months later after we send files, USCIS officers visited our home yesterday morning. Unfortunately, my husband stayed over his friend's house because he got drunk and couldn't drive home. The offices didn't believe that and accused me I married him for a green card. They told me that they asked our neighbors to confirm my husband didn't live with me. However, I don't even know who live my apartment. I hardly see them. They asked my husband to call them. My husband did and left message. We haven't heard from them yet. What will happen next? What should we expect next? I just don't know what else we can prove and prepare for them.

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You will need to convince Immigration that you have a bonafide marriage. Evidence can include: joint tax returns; joint bank statements; joint utility bills; lease, joint health insurance, life insurance, car insurance,etc. Also, declarations from your neighbors that you in fact live together; declaration from your priest or ministere, friends and family; photos together, etc. You will need to retain an immigration attorney to help you, since Immigration thinks that your case is fraudulent and will deny it.