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What would be the value of my workmans comp. case? what type of settlement would be best? i'm 51 and used to pass all DOT exams.

Green Bay, WI |

my back froze up after a long week as a local truck driver. I worked 50-55 hrs/day no break in day cab with terrible suspension. i've been determined to be 50% disabled. this was the end of my 25 year career, on work restriction still this happened in march 2012. Company did not find me other work, gave me the run around to parent company. they cancelled my insurance and are denying everything. i haven't been paid a dime, they don't pay for my medical, and i'm in extreme pain everyday since. i've never been treated for this; lower back pain and neck fracture until now. this trucking company left me hurt and without a job. i have an attorney but, she won't tell me what to expect. i;ve retrained myself to work parttime driving a school bus which hurts but at least i'm not starving.

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Your attorney knows the most about your case, so you need to ask her. Without reviewing all your records no one could give you an answer. Schedule a meeting with your attorney and tell her your frustrations.

Good luck.

DISCLAIMER: David J. McCormick is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and this answer is being provided for informational purposes only because the laws of your jurisdiction may differ. This answer based on general legal principles and is not intended for the purpose of providing specific legal advice or opinions. Under no circumstances does this answer constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship.


What does that tell you if she knows the most about your case, and she cannot tell you the value with any certainty. Either: A) She is incompetent, and you need another Attorney, or B) It is impossible to value your case accurately at this stage, in which case fishing for random answers is useless. I do not know your Attorney, but I am leaning toward the latter. You need to ask her the hard questions, and be able to handle the harsh reality that she cannot accurately tell the future without having some solid information.

We give free general concepts to be helpful, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


Talk to your attorney, if she does not know what to expect I suspect there is a reason.

I am an Arizona attorney. AVVO does not pay us for our responses. Simply because I responded to your question does not mean I am your attorney. In Arizona a non-lawyer is held to the same standards as an attorney so there are dangers to representing yourself. This is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. If you require legal assistance an in depth discussion of your case is needed as there are many other issues to consider such as defenses, statute of limitations, etc.


The ability of your attorney to let you know "what to expect" depends alot on what stage your case is at. It may still be too early give a clear opinion as to where the case is going if your attorney is working up medical and vocational evidence. Find out when she thinks she'll be in a position to do so. She should be able to tell you what her expectations are genenerally at this point based on what she hopes the evidence will show, but things don't always work out the way we hope they will.

This advise is given in a general sense, since all relevant facts are are unknown. Contact an attorney so you can explore all concerns relating to your particular legal situation.

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