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What would be the typical remedy(ies) in an exclusive licensing deal in the case of a breach of the contract by the licenSOR?

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The situation is an exclusive licensing agreement for a product owned by the licensor and to be licensed exclusively for sale by the licensee. The boilerplate agreement presented by the licensor has provisions for breach of the contract by the licensee and associated remedies for the benefit of the licensor, but there is no explanation of what qualifies as a breach by the licensor and as such, there is no remedy identified to be provided to the licensee in such an instance. I'm looking for some basic suggestions on what might be included as language that also offers some protection and remedy to the licensee. Thank you.

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A licensing agreement can be 15-20 pages long. There is no way to adequately cover the provisions in a space such as this. I would strongly suggest that you sit down with a contract lawyer and have the form(s) drawn up properly.

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