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I was given a 5yr deferred sentence for one count of bogus check under 500 which holds a sentence of up to one year in jail or a 1000 dollar fine or both. My 5yrs is up in a month and a warrant has been issued for application to accelerate. I haven't paid anything because I haven't had a job. So what outcome should I expect when I go to court I just recently got hired at a great company and can afford to pay off my restitution .

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If they show that you violated your probation, they can accelerate your deferred to a conviction, put you back on probation, or even put you in jail for up to a year. If you haven't been picked up on the warrant, it is possible that an attorney may be able to go in with the full amount to pay it and get the app dismissed. You may even be able to have a friend (do not go down yourself as they will arrest you on the warrant) take a money order in for you to pay it and then call them afterwards to see if they will dismiss the app. They primarily just want the restitution. I will add as a caveat, I do not practice in Tulsa County so my opinions here are based on my dealings with the Oklahoma County DA's office. Tulsa may still make you go to court even if you pay it so it may be worth your time to schedule a consultation with a local lawyer in Tulsa. Most offer a free consultation.

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You need to hire an attorney. Your application to accelerate will take your ability to expunge your case. It would be normal to pay anything from 1,000 to 2,500 bucks. You plead to a 5 year d/s. If I knew your name I could look it up in a second and tell you more. I expect you were initially charged with something more serious that is amended down if successful on the d/s.

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