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What would be the charges against a man that was domestically violent, kidnapped someone, beat them, and then attempted murder?

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Please volunteer to work in a women's battered shelter to learn about these things.

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In addition to the excellent suggestion of spending some time down at a battered woman's shelter, I recommend you go down to your local courthouse and sit in the domestic violence department for a few days. There you can witness some of the tragic results that happen as result of these types of cases.

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The charges? It seems you outlined them in your question.

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Actually the suggestion to go to either a shelter or to the court and actually view these cases are both good ones. Doing actualy research is the best way to understand and to subsequently write about these situations.

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You cannot write what you do not know. That is why these excellent lawyers have given you the key to your problem. First, read the Penal Law on these crimes. Second, sit in Manhattan Criminal Court, or your local court, and watch the victims try to "drop the charges." You cannot go to a woman's shelter, maybe you could work there, and you will see poor, uneducated, low self-esteem women who are very bad decision makers and who have no where else to go. You will see the price people pay for not being educated, sophisticated, employed, skilled and most of all, poor communicators and bad decision makers. The use poor grammar, swear a lot, and get very upset when they do not get their way. They are selfish people who never grew up and they use and abuse others. That is what wife beaters are and their victims are usually enablers. Add in alcohol and drug abuse and you will begin to understand the dynamics of violent men who beat women and the women who put up with it.