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What would be the best way for me to win a case? Ive went to a dentist that literally created holes in my teeth!

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I went there for a root canal , I specifically told them my wisdom teeth is growing and I want a root canal, she insisted on "cleaning my teeth" she said i had " gum disease" charged me $30 for some mouth wash that i was suppose to use, I went home and used it and felt some burn and pain and saw the hole and never went back, now my wisdom teeth is growing in crooked and i feel as if my teeth are getting worse. I also argued with them that i have a baby teeth as well and was looking into removing it and getting braces and she said no i dont have a baby teeth, and she finally did an xray on my teeth and shes like " oh you do have one" . It was my worst experience ever. Its been a little under a year, should i fight for this? I think my teeth needs to replace, and all this is expensive .

The was only one main teeth that actually has a deep hole, which is one of my front bunny teeth, which is why im so concerned. She also sort of shaved some of my teeth somehow, you can see the discoloring between where she "cleaned" my teeth and how my teeth would normally look. I had medical at the time and since i no longer have it, i was too afraid to go back.

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Sorry, but I'm not seeing the legal issue. Are you upset they didn't do what you wanted them to do or did the dentist actually do something wrong?

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There are specific time periods within which you must take action to preserve a cla. You should contact a local lawyer ASAP. However, based on the facts you have described it may. E difficult to retain an expert to testify for you. I don't know who your prior dentist was or when you last saw a dentist but the dentist at issue may be a le to defend the case by his or her treatment records who h will likely show a justification for the things she did. If the endless on your teeth was thin or in poor shape there may be a defense.


You need an opinion from a dentist who practices in the same community as the dentist you wish to sue (have sued?) who advises and will testify that the treatment you received was below the standard of care. Until you have that -- you will not be able to win your case as expert opinion testimony is required. If the treatment occurred more than 1 year ago, you have a statute of limitations issue which you must also overcome.

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