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What would be the best college to go to, to study for Law?

Syracuse, IN |

i am a junior in school and i really want to be a lawyer and i have been studying to be a lawyer for 2 years. i have been reading up about them, and i actually had a friend killed and the lawyer representing the killer wasn't good, and the killer walked away with probation for 2 years. That was when i decided to become a Lawyer and be the best Lawyer i can, i want to make my parents happy, and i want to be studying Legislative work also. I just want some peace in my town.

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Just go to the best college you can get into and get financial aid for. Study what you want. It really doesn't matter what your degree is in, just how well you did academically. Look at law schools online, especially admissions criteria. If you aren't good at standardized tests, work on them. Your LSAT scores mean a lot. Also, when you are in college work closely with your career counselor and form a good relationship with him/her.

Prestigious law schools are very very selective. Look at their admission criteria. Also look at their "propaganda" to see what current students have done with themselves.

No matter if a law school is fancy or not, involvement in social activities (Habitat for Humanity, mentoring, other volunteer work) is especially important. See if you can get a summer job with a court system, a law firm, or a prosecuting attorney's office. Try to get into programs to intern with legislative bodies. Volunteer on political campaigns (preferably for non-partisan offices and issues). But prestigious law schools aren't the be-all and end-all. I've kicked Harvard Law School booty in court myself even though I didn't go to a fancy law school.

If you want to return to the town where you live to practice, find out what law schools your local prosecutors went to. You're lucky to have a lot of good law schools near you (Notre Dame, Michigan, Chicago, etc). \

Good luck to you!

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