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What would 1st offense penalty be for trespassing?

Denver, CO |
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Depends on a lot of factors...was the trespass alleged to be on private property, commercial property, into a car, into a dwelling, onto federal property...agricultural land? You need to give more details.


Criminal Trespass ranges from 1st degree to third degree. First degree Criminal Trespass is a Class 5 felony (penatlty ranges from 6 months to 8 years in prison and / or fines from $1,000 upto $100,000 plus mandatory parole of 2 years which is in addition to any prison term) or both. 2 nd degree criminal trespass could be either a class 3 misdemeanor (penalty range is upto 6 months in county jail and / or $50 upto $750 in fines or both; or a Class 2 Misdemeanor (penalty ranges from 3 months puto 1 year in county jail and / or fines of from $250 upto $1,000 or both); or a Class 4 Felony (penalty ranges from 1 year upto 16 years in prison and / or fines from $2,000 upto $500,000 or both); or a class 3rd degree criminal tresapass could be either a class 3 misdemeanor or a Class 5 felony). You could get probation or community corrections if eligible. The important fact is that a felony conviction cannot be sealed for adults. If a juvenile a criminal a juvenile adjudication (convictions for juveniles) cannot be so easily expunged. You have to jump a lot of hoops and meet all the conditions for expungement. You should consult a criminal defense lawyer to help you wade through the criminal justice system. It is worth the investment to have a criminal defense lawyer represent you. Remember just because you are charged does not mean or equal to guilty. It is not your job to prove your guilt or your innocence. You are always "presumed innocent" even if you actually did commit the alleged crime.

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