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What will they do for a violated order of protection for children from their mother?

Manchester, MO |

I secured an Order of Protection against my ex-wife for my children back in March. I found out that she violated it by calling them behind my back about 9 times. I reported everything to the police and it has been inestigated and sent to the DCI here in St. Louis. But it has been 3 months since I heard anything! She was living in Texas when she violated the order and has since moved to Missouri. What are the possible outcomes of this? Thank you!

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DCI will investigate the case and decide whether to proceed with prosecuting your ex-wife or they will see this as a reason why the person should not have custody of your children. I'm sorry that you're going through this. I'm licensed in California although generally when a person willfully violates a protection order that does indicate that they have no regard for the law and that they will do it again.

Hillary Johns

Hillary Johns


You did the right thing by calling the police. It's for your children's safety.



I see that youa re licensed in San Diego. I used to live in San Diego. Right there in North Park! I got custody of my kids in San Diego and moved here to Missouri last summer. The kids' mom is a mess and I hope this all gets figured out, but I would like another protection order in September when this one expires... any chances I will get it?


If your TRO was for MO then MO law applies. Either read up or consult a lawyer. That's the only way to know the range of possibilities. Lawyers in CA or MT would just be guessing. But, if the reasons you asked for a TRO still exist and she is violating, then there is a good chance it will be renewed. But you may have to ask for that in the court that issued it. Otherwise it may just expire. Don't make assumptions.
A lawyer can help you sort out any jurisdictional issues that may have been caused by your move.

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