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What will the outcome be of this criminal mischief charge?

Dallas, TX |

iam 21 me and my brother went to a fast food drive through one night and my brother had argumentive words with the guy at the window so i get out to calm the situation and was hit with a mop in the chest and the mop broke inhalf when i grabed it then he quickly shut and locked the window then i was so mad i broke the window and i know it was on camera i was taken to jail but bonded out im waiting on my court date i really wanna know the outcome..

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The good news is: even if you did it, the DA will probably offer you deferred adjudication probation, which is elligible to be sealed if you successfully complete it.

Other than that, there is no way to tell you the outcome of your case. It depends on a million factors: defense counsel, the DA, the judge, the evidence they have agaisnt you, the quality of their witnesses, whether there is an actual video, etc. That's why you need to hire a skilled trial lawyer and not just a plea lawyer. Get someone who is willing to fight and go to bat against these DAs. But most likely, even if it's a terrible case, the DA will offer deferred, assuming you don't have a history of criminal mischief or other crimes.

Call a lawyer and fight! There are a million ways to skin a cat.
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I do not practice in TX, but I can offer some general advice. I agree with the first attorney's answer, but I must caution you: Placing all the facts of your case online and admitting to the acts you committed can be used against you in court. This is a public forum. There is no attorney-client privilege here.

For further and more specific advice, consult directly with a local, experienced criminal defense attorney over the phone or in person, and do not post any more facts regarding your case online.

Good luck!