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What will the judge do, Will they take me to jail if I go into the walk-in docket to talk to a judge about my warrants?

Tempe, AZ |

the first warrant was issued for missing a payment for my DUI fines, and the second is for missing a court date for an MIC back in 2011. I had moved to GA for a little while and now am back and trying to get everythinng straightened out. I tried to handle the warrants by mail but the court responded they would only handle it in person.

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It depends on the Judge. You need to have a compelling reason why you did not do what the judge ordered and a clear plan on how you are going to complete what the judge ordered you to do.

If you had an attorney during the case it might be worth talking with that person to get a feel of what the judge might do in your particular case.


It is certainly possible, and usually depends on the judge. Hiring an experienced local attorney to help you resolve this will give you the best chance to minimize your punishment. If you originally had one on the DUI, give them a call. Otherwise, use avvo to find a few, and give them a call. Most will offer a free consultation. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


I agree with Steven and Jasen. The outcome of a walk-in depends a lot on the judge and your reasons for not paying and for not appearing; and what you have done in the meantime to rectify the situation. It is a good idea to have the bond money when you go see the judge as many judges will not quash the warrant without the bond being paid. Good luck!

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