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What will my punishment be at warrant court, I was to do diversion but didn't comply what will happen to me now?

Lincoln, NE |

1st drug charge(charge possession of a controlled substance) It was just residue in the meth pipe. when the cops asked whos it was the owner said him but I said both trying to protect him/have his back/be there for him cause the officers were being rude to him. I wasn't thinking about what I was saying until I got arrested for it even though it wasn't mine! I went to jail, 2 days got bonded out, had a docket call, got onto diversion did that a couple months until I couldn't fulfill the payments/meetings beings I felt it wasn't necessary. I tried to voluntarily stop the diversion she told me to come in I said no and just two days ago I got a warrant out for my arrest, going to warrant court at 12 2mrw so a response asap would be appreciated.

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Attorney answers 2


Likely just a fine and no probation. Never want to speak up to the cops.

Most lawyers will give you a free consultation if you ask for one.


You did not say if you were charged with a felony or misdemeanor. That impacts what might happen to you greatly. You should speak to a criminal defense attorney.