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What will i be charged with for Reporting a false statement?

Mount Vernon, WA |

The person is being charged with assualt 2- strangulation, and unlawful imprisonment. For my false statement, I feel Bad and wish to know what i will be charged with for this.

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It all depends on the mood of the case. A lot of times, victims get a free pass when then recant. Prosecutors listen to recantations all the time and in some domestic violence cases, they expect them. Sometimes prosecutors disbelieve recantations, but they may act to drop charges against a defendant any way. Usually a recanting victim will have no ramifications because prosecutors do not want to have a victim tagged with a perjury charge. Victims have a high percentage of becoming victims again and a perjury charge would potentially undermine the victim's participation in any future cases. Where the case is NOT a DV case, the preceding can be less true, especially when the motive of the victim was to lie about what happened and get the defendant in trouble. In either case, you need a qualified defense lawyer to assist you in recanting to properly ensure that you will not face any serious trouble.


It depends on what is happening in the case. Just curious, why would you make a false statement? Answer offline. Don't make any further statements about what you did or did not do on a public forum. There is no privity on this website. Get a lawyer and discuss your options. Good luck.