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What will happened if i marriage 2 time as i am international student and over stay my visa ?

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Hi, i am an international student as M1 visa,recently i am over stay my visa and married with us citizen lady,we already get marriage license,we are not yet file paperwork to uscis. unfortunately,we could not living together, my marriage just 5 to 6 months old, we decide to file divorce,i already file divorced.
so after my divorce paper done ! i will plan to re-marriage again with other lady ( she is also us citizen.already divorce with her ex- husband). so what will happen to me in the future for adjustment my status and file my paper work to INS,if i marriage 2 times,coz i am international and over stay visa currently ?

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I recommend that you hire an immigration lawyer to file your Marriage Green Card Petition with your second wife before the U.S. Immigration Service (USCIS).

First, your current marriage will be a "Red Flag" to the USCIS, due to the first marriage, your immigration status, short length of mariage and quick remarriage.

Second, you must show immigration service that your current marriage is bonafide, valid and you did not enter into it solely for immigration purposes.

For more in depth consultation, please contact our law firm at information listed below.

Good luck to you.

Nikiki T. Bogle, Esq.
Immigration Lawyer


I agree with the previous answer, there is a huge red flag. However, since you had not file any paperwork prior to this new marriage, you might not be subject to so much scrutiny. But be ready for the USCIS to probe into your previous marriage and speak to former wife. An attorney will be a must when filing this case.

Good Luck
Shah Peerally

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