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What Will Happen Too Me If I Got Caught With Marijuana At School?

Phoenix, AZ |

I Bought Weed Off My Friend It Was About A Gram Or Less It Fell Out Of My Pocket And The School Security Found It They Looked At The Security Camera And They Saw When I Droped It I Told The School Resource Officer That It Was Mine And That It Was For Personal Consumption So He Placed Me Under Arrest But Let Me Go Home For Being Co-Opretive And Told Me That I Was Going To Be Contacted When My Court Date Was Going To Be As For The School They Only Suspended Me For 9 Days And Are Not Going Too X Spell Me, I Am 15 Years Old And I Have Never Been Arrested Or Have Anything On My Record And I Want To Join The Military Will This Affect That .. And What Are My Consequences?

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You and your parents should directly and personally consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer before or imediately after you are charged. Anything is possible and no one can make guarantees, especially without knowing more about your circumstances, but it's likely that a qualified lawyer will be able to work with the court, probation officer, and prosecutor to acheive a favorable outcome, one that would not affect you in the future. But if you are found delinquent, it could affect your ability to enter the military; it simply depends on a lot of different circumstances.


I agree with everything Mr. Orent said.
I'll just add to make sure you tell your defense attorney about you ambitions to join the military.

I recently represented a man who wanted to join the Marines. He had a prior drug felony conviction and I was working with him to get his civil rights restored and his conviction set aside. He told me that while that conviction was on his record, the Marines would not take him. They may not even take him after his conviction is set aside, because it will still be on his record.

I do not know how they deal with juvenile convictions. I only share the story so you may be informed of why you should talk to your defense attorney.

As Mr. Orent said, a good defense attorney can likely work toward an outcome that will not negative impact your future. Be sure to cooperate fully with your attorney and the court.

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