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What will happen to me if I "refused" a rolling retest got temporary lock out for 15 min then I took the test again and passed?

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I have Draeger interlock system with a camera installed in my van. I never had a violation before until yesterday and its stressing me out, I left the van running with the wife and kids while I ran inside a store. The system asked for a retest and my wife panic because I wasn`t back in time and she turned off the van. The device read temporary lock out 15 min. We waited for the time to expire and then I started the van right away. I passed the remainder retest on the way home. I am aware now that refusing a retest is a major violation. I`m just worried that they might think I was drinking or drunk. I reported it to draeger and they said It`s up to P.O for her final decision. I`m really worried because I`ve been on Pretrial for about 2 months and a simple mistake can cause me to violate.

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While others may disagree with me, IF you really are telling the whole truth without holding back any facts, then I say contact your probation officer immediately and schedule an appoinment with him or her to get ahead of this problem.

IF you are holding something back, contact an attorney and then proceed from there.

Good luck,
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Don't stress, This alone is not to worry about, but be sure to be extra careful in the future.


When I've had this situation in the past, my client has not been violated. If a violation is filed, hire an attorney to make sure you do not get revoked.

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