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What will happen to first time offense shoplifter, could this be placed on my record?

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Hi, Im 22 and was caught shoplifting at walmart totaling out to 57.00. This will be my first offense, so i was wondering what could happen? Will this be on my record also?

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The arrest will stay on your record forever as well as any plea of guilt or conviction at trial. However, there are some pleas, that if successfully completed, will convert the conviction to just a record of arrest and dismissal. Further, if you enter the right kind of plea, or are acquitted at trial, you may be eligible to file for a record seal, which will dramatically reduce access to records of the case.

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If you plead guilty to the offense or if you are found guilty following a trial (judge or jury), the arrest and conviction may appear on your criminal history. Depending on jurisdiction, there may be other options for you including diversion or a deferred sentence. In either event, you should speak with a good criminal defense attorney who will assist you in making an intelligent and informed decision and minimize the impact such a charge may cause.

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