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What will happen next

Chicago, IL |

i caught a dui in march 2008 in cook county i didnt pay any of my court fines or i didnt complete the classes. on top of that im under age im only 20. i missed a recent court date back and feb. of 2010 for the dui so they issues a warrant. i was driving in my car got pulled over because an officer ran my plates and it came back i had a warrant. this happen oct 3rd. 2010 then when i got pulled over i got charge with a second dui. this time in lake county.and im still under age . i spent 5 days in lake county jail waiting on cook county to come get me then i bonded out of maywood beacause my bond was low $300. so i still havent seen my first dui judge. and i have to see him today at 1:30
what will happen next.....i dont want to go to jail!!!

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Attorney answers 3


Talk to your public defender. We can't second guess his advice/counsel. I know you're stressed to level 11, but you need to talk to him to know how this will play out.


Your court-appointed public defender is in the best position, having heard all the public and non-public privileged details about your matter, to advise you.

Good luck.

I agree with the wise observations of Mr. Gotzh.


Make sure you arrive at the courthouse early so you can speak to the public defender assigned to your case before the case is called, and remind him/her of your issues so they can advise you accordingly, taking into consideration the discovery or information available to them provided by the prosecutor and/or the arresting officer or the police department and the confidential information you share with your lawyer.