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What will happen if you can't afford to pay restitution to the Federal Government?

Dallas, TX |

I commited a crime almost ten years ago, I was ordered to pay restitution but no court fees, and fines. I was sentenced to Federal Prison, completed my sentence and 3 years of probation. What will happen to me if I can't afford to pay back the money I was ordered to pay? I'm unmarried without any assets and can hardly get a job because I'm now a convicted felon.

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I think I answered this question earlier. In case I'm mistaken, the Financial Litigation Unit of your U.S. Attorney's office will try to collect the restitution. If you have no money, they can't take money, but they can garnish wages and try very aggressively to get the money. On the bright side, they can't generally use a failure to pay restitution as a means to put you in prison again.

Good luck.

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