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What will happen If my step dad got pulled over because of a car accident and his visa is expired

Marietta, GA |
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He needs a lawyer.

He may be jailed or fined for any charges arising out of the accident.

And, depending on many details we don't have, he may be deported.

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You need a local immigration lawyer immediately. And your step father should tender the accident claim to his auto insurance company immediately.


Upon seeing that he speaks with an accent or does not fully comprehend the questions posed to him, he could be questioned about his immigration status, asked to show his "green card" and when he'll tell them he has no such thing, he'll be asked to produce his visa,,,,,,,and....ICE will be called to come in and to investigate further. You know what will happen next.

In case you don't: step dad will next call you from an immigration detention center, telling you or your mom that he has been detained and placed in deportation proceedings. You will then need to hurry and retain him an immigration lawyer who will quickly file a motion for his release on bond, arguing that he is not a danger to the community, nor a "flight' risk. And the "nightmare" will not end there..

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It will not be a good situation. You should contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible.


I agree with the other posts. He needs to report the wreck to his auto insurance carrier and hire an immigration lawyer quickly.