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What will happen if I lied about my name and age when receiving an M.I.P.?

Madison Heights, MI |

I told them my real information after they looked it up and couldn't find me in the system, and there was no extra charge on the M.I.P. ticket for providing false information. it is my first offense. Will the lying be a problem in court?

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You'd have to b e alerted in advance to the added charge



But is there any way that the judge could hear that I lied at first?


They could tag you with providing false information, but not necessarily. Once you go to court and are provided formal charging documents you will know if you are. I would advise not providing this information to anyone nor on the internet, even here. Moreover, it is always advisable to obtain counsel, which is especially true if you get an added charge beyond the MIP. They can provide you with the best chance to minimize an further repercussions from criminal charges or issues in court. I hope that helps. Best of luck.

Josh Jones
Criminal Defense Lawyer


I am sorry to hear about your mistake. Hopefully, you'll learn from it. Even if you're weren't charged with providing false information to a law enforcement officer, the fact that you lied to the officer could affect the way you are treated when you go to court. I advise you to hire a criminal lawyer.


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