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What will happen if I fail my second drug test for probation even if it my levels are down?

Cullman, AL |

I failed one and now I have to take another. Will they send me to jail? even if I haven't been smoking but its still in my system enough to fail me?

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Depending on the time frame, you could be revoked. It takes different times to get out of your system depending on frequency of use. It is all up to your judge.

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The law in Alabama regarding revocation of probation is fairly "elastic" and there are no hard and fast rules concerning the revocation of probation. If the trial court that entered the probationary sentence is "reasonably satisfied" that the probationer has violated one or more terms of probation, the trial court may then order the full sentence of incarceration enforced, or order a modification of terms of probation, or revise the terms and conditions of probation, or simply give a warning to the probationer, or any combination of these factors. There is no standard method of revocation of probation in the state. However, if the probationer's assigned probation officer and the district attorney recommend revocation and incarceration, there is a very good chance or even the probability that the probationer will be summarily jailed.

Under Alabama law, hearsay is admissible at a revocation hearing. The probation officer's report is admissible and the trial judge will often follow the recommendation of the probation officer. The probationer is entitled to assistance of counsel (although the court will not appoint counsel for these issues) and the probationer may call witnesses and cross-examine the state's witnesses.

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