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What will happen if I don't show up for my daily PBT?

Holland, MI |

I was put on probation for an MIP and about 2 months in I blew a 0.069, giving me my second MIP. The judge revoked my probation and told me I had to go in every morning for a PBT and random drug testing up until my court date. I did good for about a week until I tested positive for marijuana on the drug test. The next two mornings I just didn't show up for the PBT. What is going to happen? Will I be given jail time?

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Jail time is certainly a possibility. You need to get an attorney immediately. Unless your attorney advises you otherwise, I suggest that you immediately get into alcohol/substance abuse counseling. Knowing that you are on probation, and being tested, and still not being able to stop using is a pretty good indication of some problems with substances, which you need to address for your own future well-being.

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Sounds like a big possibility. You need to hire an attorney to do some damage control.


What will happen depends on the judge. I would guess jail time is likely. You've clearly been pushing your luck and the judge is running out of other options. You clearly lack the discipline to stay sober. As my colleagues have already pointed out, you need to contact your attorney and make him/her aware of the situation. You should also get yourself into treatment.

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