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What will happen if i don't pay the civil demand for Walmart?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was caught stealing about ten to fifteen dollars worth of merchandise. They told me that I would be receiving a civil demand letter in about four to six weeks. I still haven't received it but I was wondering what would be consequences of not paying the civil demand or my chances of a claim being filed against me. I have read that most attorneys recommend not to pay it but I would like to be well informed before taking any sort of action. Also I would like to mention that I am only fifteen years old.

Since I am underage and my mother is responsible for me, how will it affect her if she doesn't pay for the civil demand? Such as her credit or a possible record?

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You have no legal obligation to pay a civil demand should you get one. Nobody can tell you the chances of a claim being filed against you. Whether or not you pay, Walmart has a right to report the incident to the police, and if the prosecuting agency feels there is enough evidence, they can file charges against you. Should anybody contact you about this incident you have no obligation to give a statement.

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The general agreement among Avvo attorneys is that civil demand letters need not be paid.

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Don't pay it. The chances of a claim being filed against you are virtually zero. I have tried, but have not been able to come up with a single first-hand account of a negative consequence arising from refusal to pay a civil demand.