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What will happen if I cannot pay back an unsecured personal loan?

Fort Wayne, IN |

While married to my former husband, we borrowed money from his Father's company. I signed a promissory note. It is stated in our dissolution that I am responsible for this loan. However, we reconciled, after the dissolution, and my ex husband (who is now President of his Father's company), verbally told me that they were writing the loan off. My mistake, I did not get that agreement in writing. We are no longer together and have not been for the last 5 + years. Now, my ex-husband, six years later, is demanding that the loan be paid in 60 days and is willing to accept no less than 2/3 of the loan amount. I don't have the money to pay that amount. If I make any type of payment on a monthly basis, can they do anything to me? I have no assets, but have excellent credit.

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Check with a lawyer in your local area. You may be past the statute of limitations for your husband to pursue this matter.

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I have an additional question - if I don't pay back a loan, will I be required to pay taxes on it as income? In my case I borrowed from my company to pay an estate tax bill and I really don't want to infuse any money back into the business

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