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What will happen if I can't pay my $2600 in court fines and fees and also $138 /mo in probation costs?

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I have court fees where they want $125 / mo. on top of my $138 probation fee for 36 months. I now have a felony and am unable to get a job in this failing economy. Basically I can't give them what I don't have. Maybe theres a remedy out there for the people getting charged these ridiculous extortionist fines and fees. Could a fee waiver be possible? This in in Ventura County Courts where you come on vacation and leave on probation. If any lawyer out there knows of something I can do, please chime in. Thank you in advance.

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You need to contact your attorney and have the terms modified. Bear in mind that they may require community labor to replace the fine. If you don't initiate the process and they catch you it may be jail or prison time for you depending on the circumstances in which you pled. If you have a public defender then contact the public defender's office. Do it tomorrow. Don't procrastinate. I wish you the beat.
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You can work it off by the hour working for the county. Just tell your PD to ask the judge how much an hour.


Just to add to the above answers, some fines/fees can't be waived. You should act promptly by contacting you attorney, whether your attorney was a private attorney or a PD. Community labor or community service can sometimes be substituted in lieu of jail time. Never hurts to ask.

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