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What will happen for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, plus dui with no license all at once. will I receive any jail time.

Williamsport, PA |

I took my girlfriends car without her permission. I was drinking before I started driving and I don't have a license. I hit a curb and wrecked the car. nobody was in the vehicle with me and I didn,t hit anyone else or damage any property besides my girlfriends car

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This question is better classified under another practice area other than Intellectual Property. I have changed it for you.


You are making a common mistake made by people when they have run afoul of the criminal law. Now is not the time to figure out what the punishment will be; the Commonwealth first has to obtain a conviction before a defendant faces the prospects of any negative sentencing consequences. You best course at this point is to speak privately with qualified criminal defense counsel in your area to determine what defenses you may have open to you and to determine the best strategy to mitigate negative consequences in the event of a conviction. Don't put the horse before the cart and relax in the meantime.


Mr. Jones has provided you with good advice. Speak privately and confidentially with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are many in your area. If necessary, use the "Find a lawyer" feature on Avvo. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, contact the public defender's office ASAP.

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