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What will happen at the arraignment?

Richmond, VA |

I had charges last summer and was placed on probation. While on probation i went out to drink with some friends and ended up driving and getting pulled over for wreckless driving. I was charged with an underage DUI (blew a .02) driving on a suspended license, wreckless driving, and posession of alcohol. I was later caught chewing tobacco at school and that was considered a violation of probation. I have an arraignment next week for the 4 charges. I am just wondering if they will hold me until trial? I am 16 years old, good grades and currently in MST in home therapy program.

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An arraignment is merely the formal entry of a plea of not guilty to the charges and the setting of bail to make sure you return to court. With that many new charges going on, it could lead to substantial bail being set for you. I suggest you have your parents hire an experienced attorney and bring along money for bail.

Good luck and straighten your life out now before things get any worse. It only gets worse if you keep getting into trouble.


Get a grip Robinson. This is a juvenile. He's not going to have bail set. he'll be released to his parents or possibly retained in custody for a time. He does not need to bring a sack of money to his arraignment.


They will not hold you until trial, however expect to be drug tested in any of the local Richmond area courts. If you test positive you might have an issue walking out the front door that day.

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