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What will happen at an arraignment for worthless checks?

Deltona, FL |

I have to go to court tomorrow for an arraignment, i'm so nervous and do not want to go to jail or go to trial. what can I expect or what do I do?

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First, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, if you did, then you could probably skip this court date. Nothing happens at arraignment , no one goes to jail, unless they choose to. It is simply the proceeding that you are informed of the formal charge against you.


You need to hire a criminal defense attorney to look into your case and advise you right away. An arraignment is where the judge tells you that you have been formally charged with a crime and tells you what the charges are. Feel free to give me a call on my cell 407-349-7474 if you have any more questions. My firm can handle this type of case and offers a free initial consultation.


At arraignment the Court will advise you of the charges against you and ask you to enter a plea (you will plead not guilty at arraignment). In addition, the Court may address the issue of bail. Bail generally takes into consideration "flight risk" and "danger to the community" To address flight risk, you will need to show that you have significant ties to the community (family, job, etc) and that you have complied with prior court orders (if any). To address threat tot he community you will argue that this is a property crime which is generally considered less of a threat than a crime against a person. Best of luck.


The Assistant State Attorney will either file charges against you or drop the charges. If the charges are filed, they may offer you a plea offer. The plea offer is going to depend on your prior record, the seriousness of this charge and the position of the victim.

Do yourself a favor, hire a local criminal lawyer.