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What will happen?

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I was in a car accident recently and I didn't have any insurance or a driver license, but it was the other drivers fault.

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If the police arrived on scene, you may be facing citations for not having a license or proof of insurance.

On the civil side of things, if you were not at fault, you are still able to fully recover for all losses you incurred (property damage, medical bills, pain & suffering, lost wages, etc).

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Civil liability is predicated upon fault. The other person's insurance should pay for your medical bills, lost wages and car damage, subject to the laws of your State. Call a local attorney or me at 407-883-2618 for answers.


I suggest you retain a lawyer now. A local lawyer can help protect your rights and advise you on the specifics in your state as to whether it is problematic that you didn't have insurance or a driver's license at the time of the wreck. I hope this helps. Good luck.


I would need more information before I could provide you with a proper response. However, I agree with the responses from my colleagues.

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If you get a ticket, retain a traffic court lawyer. If you were injured, retain a personal injury lawyer.


Contact a personal injury attorney to review the matter.


Consult a personal injury attorney to investigate the incident and advise you accordingly. If you were not at fault and were injured you can still bring a claim for your injuries so document everything for your consultation.

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Your inquiry raises at least two separate issues. You may receive a citation for not having insurance. That can be an expensive ticket. If you have a driver's license but simply didn't have it with you at the time of the accident, a court will normally dismiss a citation for not having a license if you can show that you had a valid license issued to you at the time. If you did not have a valid driver's license, you may be facing another ticket. The good news is that the lack of insurance and lack of a driver's license usually isn't admissible on the question of fault for the accident. In other words, the insurance company for the person at fault for the accident should still be responsible for paying for your damages. You should consider hiring an accident lawyer.

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I would agree with the other answers posted thus far, in that for recovery of your own injuries, the fact you did not have a driver's license should not have much affect.

Your statement about the accident being "the other driver's fault" is hopefully based on something their insurance company has told you already. If not, you should be informed that civil law is not the same as traffic law - for example, you could turn left in front of someone who is running a red light and you could be found civilly at fault, even though the other party, more likely than you, would end up with a traffic citation.

If you are injured, and it is not your fault, you will want to hope the other side has insurance themselves or lives with someone who does - otherwise there will likely be nothing to satisfy you monetarily, other than their non-exempt personal assets, for your injuries. If you live with a relative who has insurance, it is possible that a coverage they have may apply to your loss.

If you want to discuss the specifics of how the accident happened and your injuries, I would recommend doing so in private an attorney, where your conversation will remain privileged and confidential, and you can get candid analysis on your prospective outcome(s).

Hope this is helpful. Best of luck.

This is printed in response to a general question, without knowing the specifics of your case. If you are in a eviction/detainer action, please disregard the above and see the Rules for Eviction Actions, using the same link posted above.