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What will be the judgement? What do I do?

Charlotte, NC |

I was pulled over on the highway for doing 81 mph on a 65 mph road. The officer said it is seen as a misdemeanor in NC. I am from PA and this is my first time getting pulled over.

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In North Carolina, some speeding offenses are infractions (non-criminal violation of the law) and some offenses (higher speeds) are misdemeanors. You have not been convicted of anything yet. The citation you were given is just an allegation. Regardless, I suggest you contact a local attorney to help you avoid any possible insurance points or possible license revocations.


Because the speed was over 15mph it can be treated as a misdemeanor conviction. Also, because of the speed you will have to appear in court unless you hire an attorney. However, no police officer should ever give you legal advice. How this can impact your PA license will be based on your driving history. Depending on the county where you received the ticket as well as your driving record, you may qualify to have the speed reduced to a non moving violation which should not impact your insurance or DMV points. Either way, you should be able to get the speed reduced so that it should not have an adverse effect on your insurance. You should contact an experienced attorney to resolve your case.


Your speed is high enough, if convicted of that speed, the revoke your driving privilege in this state. Most states share information and a conviction for the charged speed would most likely be reported to PA. I do not know what PA would do. Your best best is to hire a local attorney. Most counties in North Carolina handle traffic matters differently. With a clean record, an attorney can negotiate a better result for you which should not cause you future concerns.

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