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What will be my consequence ?

Lodi, CA |

I was waiting in line to be helped. No one came. I left merchandise on conveyer belt abs left. There were, however more things in my cart. I got detained. I have ADHD and didn't think. It is my second infraction. I'm getting a psychiatrist to consider a formal diagnosis (getting in way of life now). What will happen to me?

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You need to talk to an attorney about the charges. Only after a careful review of the facts and circumstances would any advice be relevant and helpful. Any sentence will depend on the charges, any aggravating factors, prior record, etc.

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You need to hire an attorney to help you with this. Whether your ADHD will form the basis of a defense is a mixed question of fact and law that an attorney, with the full facts of the case and the psych's diagnosis and report. No one can answer what will happen to you because there is a lot of unknown variables here.


It depends on how much your merchandise was worth but I doubt it was an infraction. A petty theft is a misdemeanor and is a crime involving moral turpitude (dishonesty). Petty theft is $950 or under. Grand theft is >950.00. Obtain a lawyer in your area that knows about shoplifting and the defenses thereto. LAW OFFICES OF VICTORIA CLEMANS, OWNER (310) 803-9111

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