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What will a judge consider in making a decision on a custody trial?

Batavia, IL |

We just finished our custody trial on my ex's petition to modify custody - post decree, I was awarded sole custody at the time of our divorce over 5 years ago.
The judge has told us that we need to come back in a couple weeks for his decision.
It was a very short trial with no evidence presented except for the GAL report.
What will the judge look at in making his decision?
Will he stick to only the information presented at trial, or do the judges do some "investigating" of their own (for example, do they try to find more information about the parties on their own)?

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Attorney answers 2


The Guardian Ad LItem did a report according to the law. That tends to indicate the GAL has aleady done an investigation the judge will review.


The report's probably been impounded, but bottomline, 99.9% of the time if the GAL report is the only thing out there in the evidence scale, what they say generally goes.