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What US Code section would pertain to a dispute where a bank provided a consumer with inaccurate information which caused...

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the consumer's credit score to decline? There was no Truth in Lending Act violation, just incorrect information provided by the bank regarding credit inquiries.

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I am not sure I follow your question, but I'll give it a shot. If your credit score was decreased by something the bank did, I am presuming you mean they accessed your credit report (creating an inquiry on your credit report) without a proper reason to do so. If this is what you mean, it may be an impermissible purposed in violated of a federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the FCRA). Here is a link to information regarding what constitutes a permissible purpose

If you believe the bank may have pulled your credit report without a permissible purpose, you should consult an experienced advocate in your area. Go to, which has an attorney locator feature to put you in touch with a seasoned attorney.

All the best to you.

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What actually happened is that they told me that I could request a credit increase without it impacting my credit. This was incorrect, as they then made a hard inquiry on my credit report. Would this be a violation of FCRA, or perhaps something else?

Amy Lavonne Wells

Amy Lavonne Wells


I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't, of course, be sure what they will/would say or do, but based on experience I suspect they would deny having given you that false statement. I'm not suggesting they did not tell you that, but it's quite likely they would deny it and in my opinion it would be an uphill battle under any legal theory. Others may feel differently and you should consult with a legal advocate in your area for a second opinion if you like. Good luck to you, and have a nice holiday.


My colleague is correct. From the sounds of it, there may be a violation of the FCRA. As stated, see for a consumer protection attorney in your area that may be able to help. Many such attorneys, like myself, offer free consultations.

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Yes these actions may have violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Contact one of my fellow attorneys that wisely commented on your dispute.

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