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What type of sentencing is possible for a 1st offense conspiracy to distribute schedule 2 meth?

Jonesboro, LA |

I was arrested and taken to jail on a warrant for that exact conspiracy charge, I'd like any information or input on what type of sentencing or punishment I could be facing.

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Under the Louisiana controlled dangerous substance law, the conspiracy provisions are actually in the same statute that addresses attempts, La. R.S. 40:979. The normal sentenceing range for distribution of a schedule 2 narcotic is 2 to 30 years. But, if you are accused of conspiracy to distribute a schedule 2 narcotic instead of the violaiton itself, the sentencing range is reduced to 0 to 15 years.

Please note that this is assuming that the you have no prior felony convictions. If you have a prior felony conviction and it's been less that 10 years from the final disposition of your sentence, your sentence can be enhances through the multiple offender statute (e.g. 1 prior felony - 7.5 to 30, 2 prior felony convictions - 10 to 30 years, etc.).