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What type of lawyer would handle slander in the work place and harrassment?

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i have been harrassed at my job by 2 employees that are always in trouble they have been written up for numerous events and had HR involved and no action has been taken against them instead They have called HR on me for no reason but to get me fired . i have an impecable record at work and they are using intimidation, slander and lies towards me.

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Generally a personal injury attorney would handle a case of slander. Unfortunately, since you have not lost your job nor have you had an adverse job action taken against you because of their slander, you may have a situation where you cannot prove any substantial damages.

You may wish to speak with your supervisor concerning this ongoing harassment. I also suggest that you keep a written record of things that are going on, including who said what, when and where. This way you will have a contemporaneous record that you can refer to in the event somebody claims something that is not truthful. If you have union protection, you may wish to raise this issue with your shop steward who may be able to intercede on your behalf.


You might also consult an employment law attorney. You need to start documenting the intimidation, slander, and lies in writing and make sure you give this to your HR department - preferably by email.

If you are thinking of trying to personally sue the 2 employees who are harassing you for defamation, you most likely find it difficult if not impossible to find an attorney to take your case unless those employees have a tremendous amount of assets (are wealthy) or you fund the case yourself which would cost thousands of dollars.

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