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What type of lawyer do I search for a specialty for a license suspension for registered Nurse ?

Buffalo, NY |

My story is I had a medication error & a lab needed to be ordered. I accidentally omitting without transferring the orders on the patient medication admission orders so this patient would not get it but of course the DR. or NP never picked it up. So the Department of Health did a stipulation & order with me for neglect, Here is the kicker my employer @ the time used there lawyer & paid it. Not knowing any better & the lawyer settled without giving me options. Here is another kicker I never had lawyer when I get interviewed by the health department & to write up a statement. I was never offered to get one. So to me I am correct I pretty much can flush my license in the toilet cause I did n't get a chance to fight?

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There are attorneys that specialize in healthcare law and the are many attorneys that are also nurses. I would start by calling the buffalo bar association and see if they can refer you to a couple of attorneys.

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I know a lawyer here in White Plains who specializes in cases such as yours and is one of the best in the field. If you can't find anybody you want to use who is closer to your area, feel free to call me. Don't plan on tearing up your license without consulting with your own lawyer.

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First of all, your fact pattern is a bit unclear and does not reflect whether the events resulted in a license suspension, although you apparently entered into a Stipulation admitting Neglect. Assuming that is the case, you would need to consult with attorneys who handle professional disciplinary matters . I suggest that you either contact your local bar association to see if it has a Lawyer Referral Service or, in the alternative, you should contact your professional nursing organization for a list of attorneys in your area.

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I am not in your area, but I am a nurse attorney and I frequently represent nurses on such issues. I am not sure if New York has a nurse-attorney organization, but you can run a check on the internet and also check for nurse attorney listings in your local area. Many nurse attorneys, indicate their nurse attorney status on their web site. As another attorney, recommended, you may also check for health care attorneys. Good luck and do not give up. An attorney should be able to assist you with this.

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