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What type of lawyer do I need to sue a auto mechanic shop (Menekie)

Austin, TX |

They installed brand new ball joints 5 months ago and yesterday the left ball joint broke. I had to pay $200 for a tow truck that the police called out of my own pocket. The manager is trying to say that the person he bought the part from is the one who owes me for the tow job. Also there was paint damage done to the car that I want payed for because we recently paid for a brand new paint job on our car.

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First read your paperwork for the ball joint work. See if there is a warranty that covered the work. See if the repair shop excluded or disclaimed liability for the ball joint failure.

Consult with another repair shop to see what they think caused the ball joint failure and how much it would cost to repair it. Get a written estimate with an explanation as to why the failure happened. See how much it will cost to repair the paint damage. Get a written estimate. Make sure that you take photos using a digital camera that puts the date on the image to document the ball joint failure and paint damage.

Based on what you find out, you should consider writing a letter by certified mail to Meineke to complain about the ball joint repair and demand that they repair the problem and pay for your out of pocket costs. Include a copy of the repair estimates. If they refuse, you can use the letter in a small claims court suit to recover the costs.

Good luck.

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You best bet may be small claims court. I am not sure of the rules in your jurisdiction, but I would check on-line or call the county clerk in your area and see if this is a case that can be filed in small claims court. If so, you may want to just file against the mechanic shop and let them add any other party they believe may be responsible.


I suggest you contact a general practicioner attorney in your area for information and advice on how to proceed.
If you want to do it on your own, the Justice of the Peace or Small Claims court has a maximum jurisdiction of $10,000.00 that you can sue for and is very inexpensive to file the lawsuit yourself. Check our your county websites and look under the Justice Court tabs for alot of good information on how to proceed.
Also, contact the business and any insurance company that it uses for its coverage. You may be able to get your problem resolved through the insurance carrier without the need for court.
Good luck.

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