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What type of lawyer do I need to get of of A.P.S ?

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2 years ago I and my adult children where thrown out of our home by code and DSS and where taken to a.p.s. office and told that if we wanted their help in finding a place quickly we would have to sign our ssi checks over to them, And if we refused they said they would not help us.
Should I get a lawer to help me?

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Try either a family law attorney or an elder care attorney if applicable.

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Assistance though DDS is at public expense and they are required to recoup money which is normally used for the type of assistance they are providing. Under their guidelines, they require you to turn over the money. They may have a claim against it anyway by your applying for such aid and their giving it to you. You may wish to consult with an attorney concerning this if you are ambivalent about doing this. You certainly wish to know when they stop taking the SSI if you sign, e.g. at the end of the immediate assistance.

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APS usually requires as a term of offering assistance that you enroll in Financial Management (which they refer to as FMU). This means that APS becomes the Representative Payee on your Social Security. If you sign up for this, they can provide you money to move and/or store your belongings, similar to the One Shot Deal given to people who need assistance paying their rent arrears. If you want help from APS in the form of first, last, and one month security for a new apartment, then go on Financial Management. Then move into your new apartment. And when the dust settles, go down to Social Security and change your Rep Payee back to yourself.

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